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6.13.19 Conference Summary

This week’s conference started off with an awesome Grand Rounds with Dr. Chris Colwell, Chief/Vice Chair at UCSF/Zuckerberg and a leader in EM/EMS/trauma. Dr. Colwell shared his firsthand experiences in the Columbine and Aurora Theater shootings and discussed mass casualty, disaster management, and lessons learned. He then gave great talks on high altitude illness and trauma sedation.. Next up was our last CPC of the year with Dr. Abe Feshazion (PGY2) and Dr. Linda Katirji who presented a great case, differential, and discussion of vertebral osteomyelitis/diskitis. This was followed by a pediatric abdominal ultrasound lecture by Dr. Marina Shpilko, and then, Dr. Steve Morgan (PGY3) presented his EBM project on anaphylaxis management. Lastly, Dr. Lauren McCafferty (PGY3) and Dr. Laura Throckmorton (PGY1) presented interesting cases/images for power (half) hour.

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