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6.27.19 Conference Summary

Our last conference of this academic year started off with Morbidity and Mortality Conference with chief resident Dr. Andrew Schaub, PGY3, who presented great cases of unstable pelvic fractures, alcoholic ketoacidosis, and Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. This was followed by our Intern Toxicology and Super Track Series with talks on opiates by Dr. Alex Votruba, PGY1, and Skin/soft tissue infections by Dr. Zean Chen, PGY1, respectively. We concluded with another Community EM Series lecture by Dr. Hussein Ghoul, PGY3, on thrombectomy in the acute ischemic stroke.

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11.8.18 Conference Summary

This week, we had a fascinating discussion surrounding hypophosphatemia and refeeding syndrome as a pediatric suicide attempt, secondary syphilis, trauma in pregnancy, a review of musculoskeletal ultrasound, and finally 2 fantastic toxicology and supertrack lectures surrounding house fires and the general approach to headaches!

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10.18.18 Conference Summary

This week we had our ultrasound fellowship director, Marina Shpilko, presenting the latest in POCUS during cardiac arrest. We also continued our intern lecture series about super track complaints with an overview of all things UTI. Our very own sports medicine trained Ben Boswell then went through the highlights of MSK trauma.

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