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6.27.19 Conference Summary

Our last conference of this academic year started off with Morbidity and Mortality Conference with chief resident Dr. Andrew Schaub, PGY3, who presented great cases of unstable pelvic fractures, alcoholic ketoacidosis, and Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. This was followed by our Intern Toxicology and Super Track Series with talks on opiates by Dr. Alex Votruba, PGY1, and Skin/soft tissue infections by Dr. Zean Chen, PGY1, respectively. We concluded with another Community EM Series lecture by Dr. Hussein Ghoul, PGY3, on thrombectomy in the acute ischemic stroke.

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6.6.19 Conference Summary

This week’s conference started off with our last quarterly collaborative EM/IM conference of the academic year, in which EM-Intensivist, Dr. Colin McCloskey, and Cardiology fellow, Dr. Joshua Clevenger, discussed ED and inpatient approach to managing atrial fibrillation with RVR. This was followed by Dr. Sarah Tehranisa giving pearls on transitioning to attendinghood then Dr. Samuel Houng (PGY2) discussing peripartum management in the community as part of our Community EM series. Last but not least, we welcomed Dr. Steve Steiner, peds neurologist from Akron Children’s Hospital, who discussed pediatric headache.

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4.11.19 Conference Summary

This week’s conference started off with our next CLE Rising Series speaker, Dr. David Snow, program director of Loyola’s new EM residency. Dr. Snow discussed challenges of resuscitating critically ill morbidly obese patients then talked about success in emergency medicine. We then welcomed Dr. Paria Wilson, PEM physician from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, who discussed how to approach the undifferentiated crashing pediatric patient. Next, ultrasound fellow Dr. Jason Tehranisa discussed abdominal aorta ultrasound and then led ultrasound trivia. We continued our intern tox lecture series with Dr. Yasmin Moftakhar who gave a great talk on hallucinogens. Our day concluded with Dr. WIll Jian who discussed how to manage traumatic injuries in the community.

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