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1.3.19 Conference Summary

The first conference of new year started with ED Pharm 101 in which Brian Lauer, PharmD, walked us through abortive and maintenance anti-epileptic drugs. This was followed by a hepatobiliary ultrasound lecture with ultrasound fellow Dr. Jason Tehranisa, and then Dr. Ben Boswell led a talk on the uses of ultrasound for diagnosing and managing shoulder injuries. Dr. Andy Veverka challenged Dr. Chris Miller in another PGY2 clinicopathological conference with a case of PRES, and finally, Dr. Lori Shannon discussed the evidence for succinylcholine vs rocuronium for RSI.

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8.16.18 Conference Summary

Another spectacular day of topics at University Hospitals emergency medicine residency program including wellness and time management, our first clinicopathologic conference, another addition to our growing collaborative series between the departments of trauma surgery and emergency medicine, pediatric pain management, advanced EKG interpretation, and finally the management of vaginal bleeding in the emergency department.

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