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7.10.19 Conference Summary

We learned from Dr. Riley Grosso about how to think about our own thought processes while in the ED in order to help us better care for patients as well as how the Peer Review process can help us refine these thought processes. We then learned some tips/tricks on giving a great lecture from Dr. Chris Miller and Dr. Riley Grosso. Next, Dr. Christopher Peluso, EM3/PGY7 talked about the treatment of primary Atrial Fibrillation in the Emergency Department and suggested an approach to minimize unnecessary admissions for these patients while optimizing their outpatient care. Lastly, one of UHCMC’s esteemed neurointesivists, Dr. Michael DeGeorgia taught us about a new approach to treating Intracranial Hypertension.

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6.6.19 Conference Summary

This week’s conference started off with our last quarterly collaborative EM/IM conference of the academic year, in which EM-Intensivist, Dr. Colin McCloskey, and Cardiology fellow, Dr. Joshua Clevenger, discussed ED and inpatient approach to managing atrial fibrillation with RVR. This was followed by Dr. Sarah Tehranisa giving pearls on transitioning to attendinghood then Dr. Samuel Houng (PGY2) discussing peripartum management in the community as part of our Community EM series. Last but not least, we welcomed Dr. Steve Steiner, peds neurologist from Akron Children’s Hospital, who discussed pediatric headache.

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